Born in Russia in 1954, in the USA since 1993. Tom Sky is a pseudonym derived from the name of native Siberian city of Tomsk. Master degree in Physics, PhD in Philosophy, author of a book and a number of scientific publications, holder of several Microsoft and Amazon certificates in the field of information technology. In Digital Art since 2003. Participation in art exhibitions from 2022.

As an artist, I search for patterns in a multidimensional fractal space with a hope of finding objects sparking my imagination. In most cases, such objects are chaotic in nature and are barely recognizable. But on rare occasions the rare occurrence of harmony can be discovered. It is like searching for gold in the Alaskan landscape: if you are fortunate, you can find the entire deposit. What’s amazing is that those graphical objects are like unpredictable incoming messages. Each morning I wake in expectation of surprises: things that I did not know, that I did not dream about, or did not plan to create, could suddenly appear before me today. The essence of those objects is based on the harmony of mathematical relations. They produce attractive curves, fascinating geometrical shapes, attention-grabbing rhythms, patterns, and dynamics. This is a source of my inspiration and ideas. My task is to recognize meaningful images within chaotic surroundings, extract these images, and place them within appropriate esthetic context. In other words – I wash, clean, transform, colorize, and combine all those golden pieces into a single composition. Art is, essentially, a personification of reality. Each artist creates his own world which acts in accordance with their own unique physical and mental rules. I am trying to invent another world – a world of ideal and superlative liveliness. I am not interested in the hard objects of substance such as material bodies, but rather I am involved in uncovering the reality of invisible energetic flows – the impulses of intentions, the vibrations of auras, the dynamics of virtual streams, the inexorable expansions of vitality, et cetera. The surrealistic world of the artist becomes art, if that world becomes a reality – a reality of human feelings. If my work generates insights, beauty, and positive energy, I'll feel greatly rewarded.

The original graphic is created and greatly enhanced in Adobe Photoshop and, in some cases, fractal software (eg Apophisis). A digital image is turned into a finished work of art in a system of digital photo editing applications (visual effects, noise reduction, digital zoom, etc.) known as ON1 Photo RAW. Works are printed on a master printer (Canon iPF Pro-4100) designed exclusively for art printing. The highest quality archival inks (Canon PFI Pigment) and materials (Canon Artistic Satin or Matte Canvas, Sunset Reserve Gloss Canvas) are used in the printing process. The printed products are covered with protective layers of finishes (Marabu ClearShield, Breathing Color Giclee Varnish, Hahnemuhle Protective Spray) and stretched onto wooden frames. Some works are printed on aluminum sheet using dye sublimation process.