Tom Sky is a pseudonym derived from the name of the native Siberian city of Tomsk. In the USA since 1993. Master Degree in Physics, Ph.D. in Philosophy, author of books and scientific publications, holder of several certificates from Microsoft and Amazon in the field of information technology. Active participant in art exhibitions.

The original graphics (drafts) are created and significantly enhanced using Adobe Photoshop. These digital images serve as prototypes for acrylic or oil paintings on canvas, as well as for digital artworks. In the latter case, the image is transformed into a finished masterpiece using a comprehensive system of digital photo editing applications, such as ON1 Photo RAW, which includes visual effects, noise reduction, digital zoom, and other features. To ensure the highest quality, archival inks and materials are exclusively employed in the printing process of the digital artworks. A master printer, specifically designed for art printing, is utilized for this purpose. Once printed, the artworks undergo an additional protective finishing process and are stretched onto wooden frames. In some instances, certain art pieces are printed on aluminum sheets using the dye sublimation process for a unique presentation.